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5J Cinco Jotas Iberica Bellota Shoulder
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Jamon 5J Cinco Jotas Bellota "Paleta" Shoulder Ham 216.19 € 194.57 € paletilla weighing 5.25 kg

Customers' reviews

Jamon 5J Cinco Jotas Bellota "Paleta" Shoulder Ham
499 reviews
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Average rating: 4.5 stars 4.5 (see how the average rating is calculated)
5 stars Service that exceeds expectations, January 2, 2022
Alexander Witte (Vienna, Austria) Has purchased this product at IberGour

I won’t write about the quality of the product here, it is well known and beyond reproach; what I would like to highlight here is the excellent service that I have received. They’re very good; buy with confidence!

5 stars Very good ham!, December 26, 2021
Sara M (Stockholm, Sweden) Has purchased this product at IberGour

A very good ham. A lot of ham for the money. The ham presents a round taste, and a deep purple colour, with nice texture. The rind of fat white with the taste of hazelnuts.

5 stars Flavour and Quality is Genuine 5 Star!, November 7, 2021
David R (NE England) Has purchased this product at IberGour

The 5Star Bellota shoulder is always absolutely delicious. We and buy one every year for Xmas but we also buy one for other celebrations in the year to make them special.
They are not cheap but they are very, very special and completely unique in quality and flavour.

5 stars I can recommend it for everyone, October 18, 2021
Vladimir (Innsbruck, Austria) Has purchased this product at IberGour

It's actually perfect and very delicious. In spite of I ordered 'Paleta', it is really the highest standard jamon! I will recommend for everyone.

5 stars perfect!, August 20, 2021
Max (London, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

good quality, perfect value! good service, always on time and good slices from machine cut! keep coming every 3 months to this shop

5 stars Great experience, August 6, 2021
Marc Zinnendorf (London) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Efficient order process, fast delivery, high-quality product. I will most definitely repeat. Oh, and probably the funniest order confirmation email I've ever received...

5 stars The best Jamon Around, July 8, 2021
Andrea Hyde (Manchester UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Personally I believe this is the best Jamon around, its depth in flavour is second to none. I can't recommend this 5Jota enough.

5 stars Stunning Jamon, May 3, 2021
Andrea hyde (Manchester uk) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Yet again the 5jotas jamon delivered. It’s depth of flavour is incredible. I love to slice my jamon but everyone says it’s easier when sliced. The service provided is 1st class and delivery services is fast and secure.

5 stars Excellent service and product, January 1, 2021
Maragkos Apostolos (Athens, Greece) Has purchased this product at IberGour

The product was excellent but i was expecting it to be so. What i was not expecting was the amazing service from ibergour. It really exceeded my expectations. They replied immediately to my mail and did the changes i requested to my initial order. The product was delivered perfectly packed and sooner than expected!
Well done Ibergour, I'll definetely be buying again in the future!

5 stars Best ham everyone loved it, December 26, 2020
Karl Man (London) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Probably the best iberico ham we had. Will purchase again near future.
The texture was perfect and the service was excellent.

5 stars Excellent, once again, December 21, 2020
Anonymous (Surrey, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

5J is always a safe bet, time after time, we enjoy this fantastic product, never disappointed. the shoulder is a perfect size for a small family and you can keep on enjoying it for a long time.
But I have to add that the customer service at Ibergour is as good as this product deserves, attentive, efficient, helpful. There is always a person on the phone or at the end of an email that answers personally and immediately, does really follow up and cares about heir customers. After several experiences we will certainly keep on buying from them.

5 stars Very good, December 20, 2020
Nick Pike (Surrey) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Arrived very well packaged - flavoursome jamon - very good purchase. Stand was perfectly useable, knife functional and suitable. Will consider again.

2 stars I was expecting a higher level Jamon, December 17, 2020
Manuel (Brussels) Has purchased this product at IberGour

When you pay high price for a product, and you buy a 5 Jotas, you expect the best taste. Unfortunately, the paleta I have received it is just ok.

5 stars Great taste, December 10, 2020
Tomaz Zorjan (Slovenia) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Great taste, very good communication for shipment. Will definetly come back for more! This was my first order but will definetly come back and order more.

5 stars Another great Paleta Ham from Ibergour, December 7, 2020
Steve (Milton Keynes, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

This is maybe my 4th purchase from Ibergour and having tried one other, can confirm that the service, communication and delivery has been faultless and the best. Unfortunately, I tend not to order my hams often enough to benefit from the voucher, so I would love to have a little more flexibility on the 'gift'.. I need pincers.. (The olive oil is very good however)
As for the Paleta, it's very tasty and with good texture and is very good value. My kids hang around the table when I'm carving like little puppies waiting for snacks, but once I've managed to carve a plate load, everyone in the family is very happy to enjoy the delicious ham. I'm not Spanish, but it's very clear from my very travelled experience, the difference between 'regular' ham and Jamon Iberico de Bellota. It's always worth the expense, but it's still something we save for a special treat, perhaps some special event, or Christmas. This time we opened the ham on December 1st and will hope to gradually consume over Christmas through to February. It's so nice to be able to just keep it on the counter and just regularly carve when my wife and I would like something to accompany a nice glass of Rioja!
For sure, will buy again.

5 stars Excellent All Round, October 10, 2020
Tom Watts (Nottingham, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Ordered this product and I can say that I am very satisfied with the quality as well as the service - I am based in the U.K. and the shipping was fast with no issues.
I would highly recommend the company and the Ham !!!!
5 stars all round !!!!!

5 stars Incredible jamon, impeccable customer service, October 5, 2020
Mark Williamson (Blackheath, London UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

A fantastic jamon, although not as strongly tasting as I perhaps expected. The fat on this jamon is just out of this world; so delicate, creamy and that melt in the mouth experience. The jamon is carved with ease, with an 'Arcos' carving knife I also ordered with this product.
A special mention must go out to 'Miguel' from the Ibergour Customer Service Dept. His English nuanced 'Monty Python' humour was an added bonus.
From, a very happy customer, with an expanding stomach line; due to the moreish nature of this exquisite tasting jamon.

5 stars Excellent, August 24, 2020
Mads (Denmark) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Ordered presliced Iberico. Very nice taste and the packaging in 100 gram packages made it very eAsy to serve at the family party. Very recommendable.

5 stars Excellent Jamon;service and delivery !, July 31, 2020
John from Ireland (Dublin, Ireland) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Seldom I give 5 stars in any review but for this jamon itderses it. Combined with the efficency of service and delivery 'cemnents' the 5 star rating .
Alsoseldom I recomend to friendsbut based on thisI have recoomended it to many friends -all have ordered and are very complementary .

5 stars Delicious!, June 15, 2020
Charlie B (London) Has purchased this product at IberGour

I have been thoroughly enjoying my Cinco Jotas Jamon...the trouble is, when you start eating it, it is very hard to stop. I looked around at loads of different companies on-line and lots of different hams, but I can safely say that Iber were super helpful and efficient and most importantly the jamon is melt-in-the-mouth delicious!!

5 stars Excellent ham. Excellent service., June 10, 2020
Minh (Berlin, Germany) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Cinco Jotas is always a safe choice. Excellent Iberico ham!
And Miguel was very fast in answering my emails and addressing my extra request. Excellent Service!

5 stars Best jamón ever !, April 26, 2020
John from Ireland (Dublin) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Usually get out jamón during multiple visits to Marbella & Santander . But we are unable to travel anywhere due to Covid 19 so I looked up google for names of jamón suppliers.
I was lucky to find IBERGOUR . The fact they had .ie after their name attracted me to the site .
It was an excellent choice ; everything was very efficient and delivery was rapid . We are very happy with the quality and attention / quickness of replies to emails & have recommended to many friends .
We will definitely order more from IBERGOUR .
26 April

5 stars As good as always, January 3, 2020
Robby (London) Has purchased this product at IberGour

This is the third time we've ordered this Jamon, and my only regret is that we can't eat it fast enough to justify trying the Bellota.
This time, we ordered it sliced, and it came in very convenient sealed packs - I think we'll do it this way from now on.

5 stars Quick delivery and really good profuct, December 31, 2019
Jesús (London, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

The delivery of the shoulder ham was promptly and everything was really good packaged. The ham is delicious, as you would expect from a Cinco Jotas bellota.

5 stars Fabulous quality.....again!, December 16, 2019
Yvonne (Northern Ireland) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Excellent product. Second time buying it in last few years. Yes it is expensive but oh so worth it. Highly recommended.

5 stars A truly great tasting ham, December 7, 2019
Simon F (Plymouth) Has purchased this product at IberGour

I found ibergour a few years ago and have always had great quality service and superb tasting hams. The latest is as good as ever. Whenever I let others taste 5J hams they always ask where they can get one. 5J is my favourite ham and never disappoints, I'll be back for another next year

4 stars Great taste, November 7, 2019
Juan (Uk) Has purchased this product at IberGour

more fat than expected

5 stars Very Good Service, February 18, 2019
Andreja D. (Singapore) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Very good 5J paleta. Excellent service by IberGour in terms of: cutting (hand cut), nice vacuum packing, on time shipment delivery (to France).
The only wish I have ... when you can start shipping to Singapore?

5 stars Delicious jamon, great service, January 18, 2019
Ben B (London, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

As always, Ibergour have delivered a great product with reliable service. The paleta came on the scheduled day and was in perfect condition. Looking forward to the weeks ahead as we enjoy it.

5 stars Jamon, November 28, 2018
Brunella (Italy) Has purchased this product at IberGour

very good quality of ham, taste, colour, smell
It comes very quickly in Bergamo after my order via email
I ‘’ll order sure another time and I want tante also your other productos

5 stars Our regular order, September 23, 2018
Marynf (Hampshire) Has purchased this product at IberGour

We have one of these jamon on the go all year round now: it sits in its stand on the worktop with a cloth over it, and a couple of times a week we cut a plateful for a starter. We were spending a fortune on jamon from the deli counter and although a whole ham is expensive, it is much cheaper overall, and much nicer, to have a whole leg. The quality is excellent and the ham delicious. Cutting it takes time to master, but there is a certain amount of pleasure in developing that skill. The bin men may be a bit bemused when the trotter pokes out through the bin bag after we have exhausted every seam of meat, but they have not said anything yet....

5 stars Very satisfied, March 24, 2018
Laura (Copenhagen, Denmark) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Very satisfied with my tasty shoulder ham from 5J!
Also perfectly delivered in two pieces, vacuumed, and the bones copped and vacuumed as well.

5 stars Great for a Shoulder, January 2, 2018
Max G (Oxford UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

The Jamon was promptly delivered. Excellent packaging and arrived fresh. Lasted us the whole of the Christmas period. For a Shoulder, it was perfect as we did not need a whole leg which would have been too big. I would recommend this product definitely and my experience with Ibergour was very good.

5 stars 5j makes christmas, December 30, 2017
Andrea hyde (Manchester uk) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Well having lived in the canaries for over 8 years, I acquired a taste for jamon, and 5jotas I’d my favourite. Ibeergour, have allowed us to continue with our Spanish tradition, with this exquisite jamon, with its rich nutty flavour. Many thanks yummy.

5 stars Iberico de bellota for Christmas, December 30, 2017
J. Reynolds (Sussex, U.K.) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Unable to buy a 5J Cinco Jotas Bellota Jabugo shoulder in Malaga airport, I emailed Ibergour after we had arrived back in the U.K. The shoulder arrived within 4 days, wrapped and boxed and in perfect condition.
The quality of the shoulder is 'melt in the mouth', fantastic flavour.
I found Ibergour's website comprehensive, and their service excellent.
I will definitely be ordering from Ibergour again next Christmas.

5 stars Excellent, December 21, 2017
Anonymous (Esher, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Excellent product, you cannot expect otherwise from a 5Jotas ham, moist and flavourful, full of aroma. Delivery was impeccable: ordered on Wednesday evening, they said it would be here not later than Thursday the week after, although it might be earlier: it was here on Monday, with an excellent tracking system. We will certainly order from them again.

5 stars Another great ham!, November 30, 2017
Anonymous (Dublin) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Another great ham! This is our 5th purchase and its always excellent. Great quality, easy to carve and delicious! Delivery was fast.

5 stars You Get What You Pay For, May 18, 2017
Eduardo Sanchez (UK and France) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Okay, it wasn't cheap, but it is worth it. Shoulder is a bit cheaper and a bit fattier but the flavour is still great.
I have bought whole legs before to cut myself, but ended up not using it all. It has been more economical for me to buy it ready cut and vac-packed so I can now enjoy every packet in prime condition. It is very well cut, nice and thin, they also packet up the bits that couldn't be sliced into cubes and the bones, so nothing is wasted.
The Cinco Jotas ham is sweet and tasty, just as a premium Jamon Serrano should be.
I will be buying again....when this lot is finally consumed..
Que aproveche!

5 stars Excellent addiction, April 8, 2017
Dimitri Dolapsakis (Lagonissi, Greece) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Bellota de 5J is the best addiction tou can get. Fast delivery by ibergour. Packaging a little different than before. I preferred the older packaging.

4 stars Good flavoured Paletilla, January 3, 2017
Steve Davies (Manchester, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Very nice jamon - very competitive pricing compared to UK distributors. Standard shipping was very reasonable and arrived in three days.

5 stars Can't be better, December 27, 2016
Johan Egertz (Värnamo Sweden) Has purchased this product at IberGour

I have bought a 5J Bellota Jabugo Shoulder for the last 5 years. Even if we have a very famous Swedish ham to eat at christmastime in Sweden, this 5J is impossible to beat! Don't hesitate buy it.

5 stars Quality Jamon, December 24, 2016
M Turner (London) Has purchased this product at IberGour

The Ham came quickly and was packed in a wooden box.
We had it as centre piece on the table at our pre Christmas cocktail party and it went down a treat.
Lovely sweet juicy Ham.

5 stars Excellent Service top quality products, December 19, 2016
Jon Naik (Shropshire, United Kingdom) Has purchased this product at IberGour

First time customer and I will definitely using this service again. From the time I ordered I was given information on the progress of the order to delivery. Products are packaged nicely and of highest quality especially the ham. Will recommend Ibergour to all my friends who will be sampling the ham over the Christmas period.

5 stars Simply the best ham you can buy, December 12, 2016
Simon F (Plymouth, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

We've bought quite a few hams over the years and I can honestly say that these are our favourite.
From the first slice to the last, always excellent and so tasty
We can't fault the quality or the speed of delivery
Will be back for another in the new year

4 stars Good but fatty, December 10, 2016
Oldrich (London, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Fast delivery, good meat, but excessive fat. Normally buy from a small producer, but wanted to try a branded product. 5J clearly leave more fat on the leg to maximise profit. Shame as otherwise tasty.

5 stars Cannot ask for more, December 4, 2016
George G (Aylesford, United Kingdom) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Ordered for the very first time from Ibergour and I was really impressed with service to the UK. It arrived very quickly on DPD and I could track the delivery all the time. It arrived nicely wrapped and well packed. The meat was delicious and if you have tried the the meat from white pig you will notice the great difference immediately.
I would highly recommend Ibergour and I will definitely order again.
Best Wishes

5 stars Cinco Jotas is Cinco Jotas, December 2, 2016
El cortador Finlandese (Helsinki, Finland) Has purchased this product at IberGour

My 2nd order from Ibergour. Just what you can expect: Excllent quality!
Excellent service and a quick delivery. Pigs do have wings.

5 stars Great service, fantastic ham, October 31, 2016
P Garrido (London) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Really good service. Delivery was quick, very good packaging and the ham is delicious. I will use ibergour again, and probably try a guijuelo next time.

5 stars Just as promised, October 16, 2016
Christer S (Helsinki, Finland) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Cinco Jotas must be the best paleta I've ever tasted. A good otion for those, who don't want to spend on a real jamon bellota. Beats any serrano ham in taste.
Very speedy delivery is a plus.

5 stars Excellent wedding gift, June 19, 2016
Noelia (Aberdeen, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

I bought this product as a wedding gift for my friends. They absolutely loved it and the taste is great!

5 stars Excellent Product as awalys, February 23, 2016
Pedros Ktori (London) Has purchased this product at IberGour

5J remains the premium Iberico ham. Bought as a centrepiece for my daughters engagement party and it went down a treat

5 stars excellent, February 22, 2016
Stefano (London) Has purchased this product at IberGour

All fantastic! The product is delicious and the delivery was on time with no issue; all as promised! great service and amazing pata negra,thanks!

5 stars excellent choice, February 16, 2016
Maggie Hatch (Menorca, Spain) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Ham was bought as a gift for friends we stayed with in UK at Christmas - arrived quickly, well packed, and absolutely delicious ! So soft and tender and tasted amazing - one of the best we've had.

5 stars Impressive ham, January 9, 2016
Eduard (Abergele) Has purchased this product at IberGour

You will never know what is real ham if you keep buying overpriced Italian ham at Tesco. That was my decision
They send you packed ham in 100 g sachets that are consumable during next 6 months.
Now, I am enjoying superb ham at a reasonable price.

5 stars Delicious paleta!, January 3, 2016
Andy (London, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

We are true lovers of jamon iberico, eating it often in Spain and in tapas bars in London - always bellota of course! We sometimes treat ourselves to a whole paleta at home, especially at the festive season when we'll be at home a lot and entertaining friends & family. (Even then, a jamon is just too big.) This is the first time we've had a 5J Cinco Jotas Jubugo paleta and it is truly delicious, certainly as good as any we've previously had.

5 stars Fantastic Jamon, November 21, 2015
Aleksandr (UK, Reading) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Fantastic jamon. This is a shoulder, so some cuts have more fat but in my opinion the fat gives it great flavor. Perfect with Gran Reserva Rioja Alta First time I bought the whole leg, definitely coming back to ibergour again.

5 stars Great service and excellent product, November 19, 2015
David and Val (Halifax, England) Has purchased this product at IberGour

I have only just received the 5J and haven't started cutting as yet however so far the service from Ibergour has been excellent and the product arrived on time, packed well and looks great. I can however comment on the last Gran Reserva Iberica Bellota that I have just finished, it was fantastic. Cant wait to start this one.

5 stars Very Tasty, November 16, 2015
Steve (Milton Keynes, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

This is my first purchase from ibergour and I'm very pleased with the 5J shoulder. I picked a shoulder because we are a family of 4, with 2 small kids. So far the meat is moist and tasty and we've just about finished the maza I think (the smaller part). The problem is, we're eating it a little more quickly than anticipated as it might be gone before Christmas.
It's great for a little snack at the end of the evening with a nice glass of wine..
I think the meat/fat ratio is just fine - the fat itself is good quality and can be eaten with the ham, so long as the yellowy parts next to the rind have been removed.
Quite likely to buy again, perhaps a Jamon (rather than a shoulder) depending on how long the bigger side of the meat takes to finish off.

3 stars A forced choice, October 4, 2015
0123456 (Slough, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Most Ibergour offerings are now for minimum 2.5Kg quantity, and as a single home user, that's too much to take at one time. This Jabugo was offered at 1.5kg, which is a manageable amount, and is the main reason I ordered it. As Iberico ham goes, it's not bad, but I've definitely had better, and will probably hope to find something else offered in amounts less than 2.5Kg next time.

4 stars Ham is great, July 10, 2015
Sercan (London, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Ham is great - all good, there are no problems at all, delivery when said. Will order again. Thank you.

5 stars Will buy again...., May 28, 2015
Matt (Cardiff, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

For my first Jamon I found the art of slicing very difficult but soon got the hang of it. I have to say that I absolutely couldnt get enough of it when I had mastered the art of thin slice of lean with a ripple of the fat! Spanish, Argentinian and British friends agree that the flavour is amazing. Wish I could afford to buy a larger Jamon (back leg).....the stand is a bit basic so I ordered another from Amazon but the knife is fine. Thanks 5J and Ibergour!

5 stars Simply wonderful ham, March 31, 2015
Simon F (Plymouth) Has purchased this product at IberGour

I have purchased a few hams and I always go back to 5J, for me it's the best tasting ham. I ordered my latest ham and it was delivered within 5 days, my family couldn't be happier, the taste and quality is as high as ever

5 stars 5J Cinco Jotas Bellota Jabugo Shoulder, January 1, 2015
Andy (UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Excellent quality, and full of flavour. Delivery and service was as promised and was first class. I would highly recommend.

5 stars Yummy yummy yummy, December 8, 2014
Andrea hyde (Manchester uk) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Having lived in the canaries for seven years I have become accustomed to the best jamon and 5 j Cisco jotas is just that. The jamon is exactly what I expected with its nutty flavour from the acorns coming through. To top it off the service and delivery has been second to none, I fully recommend this company and the jamon.

5 stars Quality product; quality service, November 27, 2014
Paul (Westbury, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Obviously this is top notch paleta. Ordering and following transportation very good. Site will now be my default jamon destination.

5 stars Excellent experience, December 27, 2013
Alex (Oxford, UK) Has never purchased at IberGour

Fantastic ham, succulent and flavoursome, and an impressive display piece at Christmas time! Very helpful service to postpone delivery until my requested date. The free wooden stand was solid and far better quality than I expected, and I had no problem carving the ham on this using the free knife. All in all a great experience, and I can thoroughly recommend ibergour.

4 stars Yummy but fatty, December 22, 2013
Anonymous (Uk) Has never purchased at IberGour

The taste is amazing. There is a lot of fat. I will buy again. The fat will be used for cooking.

5 stars Beautiful texture, amazing flavour, November 14, 2013
Phil Boyle (Brighton, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

I buy one ham each year as we approach Christmas. I used to buy while legs but I prefer the deeper flavour of the shoulders. This 5J shoulder is the nicest ham I have ever bought and I think it is virtually the perfect ham. The shoulder bone makes it a challenge to carve but don't let that put you off.

5 stars 5J, October 2, 2013
Gwil Davies (Stratford upon Avon) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Once again a perfect ham, full of flavour and couldn't get enough of it. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a really high quality Pata Negra

5 stars what a fine product, September 27, 2013
ernestito (WALES) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Ibergour is probably the the best W-shop I have come across so far simply because it offer things in UK is hard to find like real saffron that I have missed for such a long time. In any case the 5J Jotas is at the moment the best "ham" I have tasted so far and it is a shame that I can't keep the full leg and slice it myself, in UK dry cellars don't exist and I am forced to choose the vacuum sliced bags. I don't like the plastic either but having no choice I still find the shoulder extremely tasty and convenient to keep safe in fridge in large ...quantity, I have purchased so far 20 or 30 bags of ham so far and the only mistake I made was to buy a few in summer. I recommend this shoulder extensively, it is fantastic and together with an organic red Merlot and a bit of parmesan artichokes and ...I better stop here! It is a fine quick meal by all means and It has a wild original taste as it should be.

5 stars Yummy, August 12, 2013
Mrs T (Surrey, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

We bought this as a centre piece for our wedding buffet. It was certainly an attraction!
It has a delicious flavour and was very moist. We needed an experienced hand to get us started with the slicing but once we had begun slicing was fine. Plenty of meat, which we managed to slice in quite long strips.
A fair bit of fat around the flesh but not so much inside so it was just lovely to eat, and kept moist for the three days it lasted us!
I would definitely recommend.

5 stars Delicious Shoulder, March 29, 2013
Robin (Poole, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Very good value for money. This is the best Bellota I have tasted, outside my favourite restaurant in Gran Canaria. The ham is sweet with a long after flavour in the mouth, full of flavour and not too salty, and my pack was very lean with just the right amount of fat. I will be re-ordering this lovely shoulder.

5 stars Amazing Taste, March 24, 2013
Larry S (Dublin, Ireland) Has purchased this product at IberGour

5 Stars for speedy delivery and great packaging
5 Stars for taste
Cutting and serving this isn't as straight forward and easy as it seems on the videos and as this was my first time with a full shoulder at home I am still improving my technique... But this doesn't prevent me from savoring this amazing piece of Bellota!
Coming back definitely for this item!

5 stars delicious., September 18, 2012
rob wood (london) Has purchased this product at IberGour

2nd time i ordered from ibergour ans 2nd time i been really happy.this time i bought the bonless shoulder from 5j,and it was so much more easy to cut than with the bone.truly super flavour,soft quality meat.i would buy this again,it goes so perfect with vodka.

5 stars extremely good, July 24, 2012
Michele C. (LETONIA) Has purchased this product at IberGour

extremely good. great test. I feel it in my mouth for some minutes
after eating it. Very expensive but excellent product.

4 stars Delicious, although not a lot of meat, March 19, 2012
Ian Ferguson (Isle of Wight, United Kingdom) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Very tasty ham indeed at a remarkable price. This is my first purchase of a whole ham (or in this case shoulder) so I wasn't entirely sure how much meat to expect, but I was a little disappointed in the amount that could be carved versus the amount of fat. I would say by weight about 30% of the shoulder was edible - but of course I have no idea if that's good or bad. Considering the low price of this ham I'm not too upset but I don't know how the value for money compares with other hams.
The taste is superb though - better than any that I've eaten in Spain. Don't expect it to last very long - next time I think we'll splash out for a proper ham instead of a shoulder!

5 stars Third year in a row and better than ever, December 13, 2011
David L (Killearn, Scotland) Has purchased this product at IberGour

You will be making no compromise on quality buying the paleta which has a fantastic complexity and depth of flavour. The best I have ever tasted. Having two free knives, I opted for the free olive oil this year which is excellent, and added an amazing cheese which I will review elsewhere. I was lucky to find Ibergour for my first purchase and now I would not go anywhere else, as they offer unbeatable price and service. Thank you.`

5 stars Highly satisfied - Highly recommended -I will buy again, December 10, 2011
Miguel Gonzalez (London) Has purchased this product at IberGour

I am highly satisfied with this ham. I have been living in England for more than ten years but I come from south Spain and I must say that I felt like being back home.
Thank you for this excellent product.

5 stars Again 100% satisfaction, August 30, 2011
Sebastian (Ulm, Germany) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Really perfect selection. Delicious taste of one of the best Spanish ham. My 2nd purchase and 2nd time 100% satisfaction. Delivery time only 3 days. Perfect service from ibergour.com. thank you !

5 stars Feel Spain!!, August 19, 2011
Anonymous (LONDON,UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

It's the real spanish Jamon.
It's more than I expect, I can feel spain at home.
I can't find a right words to explain.
Honest flavour and price.

5 stars Top Quality, April 15, 2011
Anonymous (Paris, France) Has purchased this product at IberGour

This épaule arrived only several days after the order. Top quality product and everything was as promised. Overall, a great experience.

5 stars Christmas complete, December 31, 2010
Harrison (Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, Oxfordshire) Has purchased this product at IberGour

We enjoyed the ham more than thought and so did all our guests over Christmas taste is that of Spain and each time it's eaten it transports us to Sunny Spain
Next time will go for Leg as found shoulder too fatty apart from that all good service is great also no regrets will be a loyal customer am sure.

5 stars Jabugo 5J, December 20, 2010
Xavier (LONDON, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

My experience with Ibergour was more than satisfactory, I would say excellent!!
Extremely professional and quick. I would certainly recommend it to everyone. I look forward to my next Jabugo.

5 stars Better than anything from the supermarkets in UK, October 23, 2010
Michael (London, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Very good communication and fast shipping was a good precursor to actually tasting the ham. To get the best result, I recommend separating the slices onto a plate and giving them 10-15 minutes of time to "air". Taste-wise the ham is better than anything you can buy e.g. at Waitrose or Sainsbury's, it really is no comparison. One things slightly curious was that in the 2 packages I ordered, 1 seemed to have slightly thicker cut slices, not to any very large detriment, but resulting in a slice less than in the first pack. Will try the leg/ham next for comparison!

1 stars 5J Cinco jotas "Bellota" shoulder, August 31, 2010
William Reid (Watford, England) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Unfortunately, the shoulder ham that i received was extremely dry, probably due to being old stock. I was unable to get more than 6 worth while portions from it which of course made it an expensive deal. I didn't bother to complain until now, although i wished i had because my complaint was met by a very polite and understanding gentleman who advised me that they would have replaced it free of charge providing less than 25% of it has been used.
This Christmas i will give it another go. Fingers crossed !!

5 stars Good quality at an affordable price, August 3, 2010
Thomas Deevy (Dublin, Ireland) Has purchased this product at IberGour

With so much choice Its hard to decide which jamon to choose, obviously you don't want to comprise on quality but the prices vary so much from brand to brand. You also need to consider would you be able to consume a whole jamon or should you pick a paleta instead?
There is an answer to your questions; 5J cinco jotas paleta delivers good quality at an affordable price every time, i have purchased it a number of times in Spain and once from Ibergour and i can assure you this product will deliver delicious full flavored jamon every time. Its just the right size that you can consume it over a 2/3 months period and still maintain its quality and taste with out turning bad. If you are a jamon novice and new to the world of jamon or you just want to impress your friends, there is no better buy than 5J cinco jotas. It's exquisite.
I have used other suppliers of Spanish products on-line and been disappointed with the end product i received. I placed my faith in Ibergour when i made my order, they promised the best in service and end product and they delivered in both. I received my order on time and in perfect condition, i can honestly say to any consumers seeking to purchase fine quality Spanish products look no further, your search is over, Ibergour meets all your requirements for quality products.
I have used Ibergour in the past and will be using them again in the future i can recommend both their products and service, when your parcel arrives to your house it will be like a little bit of Spanish sun shine delivered to your front door.

5 stars Shoulder as good as the ham!, May 29, 2010
Anonymous (Helsingborg, Sweden) Has purchased this product at IberGour

I'm very happy with the quality of the shoulder! This is the first time I have purchased a shoulder, and in my mind the taste is as good as ham. The fat is rich and full of flavour, the meat is tender with super aroma - everything to be eaten! No trace of connective tissue so far.
I bought the boneless version and it came delivered in two pieces just as described, that is perfect. I have opened one of them and keep the other fresh in vacuum pack until the first is consumed.
Delivery took a week, not the fastest but within the estimate.

4 stars Very good flavour, too much fat, March 2, 2010
Marco B. (London, England) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Very good flavour but a little bit too much fat on the outside which had to be cut out. Overall it was good, but the yield of meat was less than expected.

5 stars After a bit of practice, cutting ham is not a problem, December 21, 2009
David M. (London, England) Has purchased this product at IberGour

No question this is the best Jamon Jabugo I have ever bought. My only regret is that we did not have enough people visiting to warrant buying a leg instead of a shoulder. This will definitely be a regular Christmas present from me to me, and any other time of the year I can think of an excuse. My children and grandchildren visit in August so I think I see another reason for a purchase. Incidentally, the knife and stand were first class as well and, after a bit of practice, cutting ham is not a problem. We also got some excellent frying fat by reducing the skin and off-cuts of fat to render dripping. And we used the bones to flavour a stew!

5 stars The flavour was rich and distinguished, December 17, 2009
Rosie H. (Anershan, England) Has purchased this product at IberGour

I bought this wonderful ham as a Christmas present for my husband. It was to remind him of many great meals in Spain. However we both loved it so much that we had eaten it long before Christmas arrived! The flavour was rich and distinguished. Certainly 5*

5 stars Just one slice with ice cold Tio Pepe is a feast, December 11, 2009
David & Marlene L. (Scotland) Has purchased this product at IberGour

There is enormous pleasure in treating yourself to something which is widely regarded as "the best in the world" and 5J is "the best of the best". The smaller shoulder joint is a lot more affordable but the flavour is fantastic. It arrived in perfect condition and with the special carving knife and ham holder we were quickly able to produce wafer thin slices like real "jamoneros". It stood in perfect condition for more than two months in our cool attic but we also froze some for solo treats. Just one slice with ice cold Tio Pepe is a feast, two slices is an orgy.

5 stars First class product, November 9, 2009
Norman F. (London, England) Has purchased this product at IberGour

Aroma and Taste were amazing, the texture was moist and succulent, with the fat oozing from all surfaces of the slices. First class product.

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