Reviews by Thomas Deevy

Dublin, Ireland.

Thomas Deevy
Thomas Deevy
Highly palatable and pleasant

Its difficult to distinguish quality in the salchichon world as there is so much plastic out there ( well it tastes like plastic). Often it has been considered the poor mans cut of the Iberian pig, however with Sendra Salchichon Cular this not the case at all. it has a heavenly/ divine aroma which will have you coming for more and more once you remove it from it grease proof paper, it is full of flavor and a good introduction to embutidos (Spanish delicatessen meats) for both adult and child, the meat is highly palatable and pleasant you will savour the flavour long after you have finished this product; its a delicious cut fit for a king.

August 3, 2010
A true artisan product

If you were to take a blind taste test with this cheese you will be forgiven for not recognising it as manchego because it is not like any manchego cheese you will have tasted outside of the La Mancha region of Spain. It has a delicious creamy/buttery taste and a hearty goodness you would not normally associated with this cheese. The quality of Spanish cheese like some jamons has become diluted due to mass production, this not the case with Señorío de Quevedo Manchego Cheese; it will stimulate your taste buds in a way you can not imagine; it starts off with a medium to strong aroma yet the taste is medium to light and a delicate creamy buttery after taste that lingers in your mouth long after you've finished eating it. It complements all foods both delicate and light foods such as olives and white wine, to the more robust and stronger flavours such as steak or red wine.
Normally i prefer soft, creamy, cows cheese but this cheese is a good all rounder strong flavours at the start and a light soothing after taste.
A true artisan product which i can highly recommend as a fantastic buy. Its YUMMY.

August 3, 2010
Good quality at an affordable price

With so much choice Its hard to decide which jamon to choose, obviously you don't want to comprise on quality but the prices vary so much from brand to brand. You also need to consider would you be able to consume a whole jamon or should you pick a paleta instead?
There is an answer to your questions; 5J cinco jotas paleta delivers good quality at an affordable price every time, i have purchased it a number of times in Spain and once from Ibergour and i can assure you this product will deliver delicious full flavored jamon every time. Its just the right size that you can consume it over a 2/3 months period and still maintain its quality and taste with out turning bad. If you are a jamon novice and new to the world of jamon or you just want to impress your friends, there is no better buy than 5J cinco jotas. It's exquisite.
I have used other suppliers of Spanish products on-line and been disappointed with the end product i received. I placed my faith in Ibergour when i made my order, they promised the best in service and end product and they delivered in both. I received my order on time and in perfect condition, i can honestly say to any consumers seeking to purchase fine quality Spanish products look no further, your search is over, Ibergour meets all your requirements for quality products.
I have used Ibergour in the past and will be using them again in the future i can recommend both their products and service, when your parcel arrives to your house it will be like a little bit of Spanish sun shine delivered to your front door.

August 3, 2010
A high quality product with a taste that wont disappoint

When the chorizo arrived it was soft to the touch on the outside so it was necessary to hang the chorizo in the kitchen without the packaging for a week or two to allow the product to become hard/solid to the touch this allowed for better slicing.
When i opened the chorizo it released the the familiar red oil containing the robust taste and strong flavor, the chorizo is delicious with bread on the side and on with a full bodied red wine. This chorizo is a connoisseurs choice and may not be for the faint hearted, you can eat it every day (as i did) or once or twice per week if the chorizo flavour is too strong for you, either way you will not be disappointed as this product will keep for months even when opened and the flavour will actually mature with out becoming over powering. A high quality product with a taste that wont disappoint.

August 3, 2010
probably the best tasting lomo ever produced

From the first time i travelled to Spain and tasted lomo/jamon/chorizo I've been hooked, the only problem with purchasing these products is when you bring them home from Spain they don't always taste the same. For a number of years i have been finding it increasingly more difficult to find a good quality product that travels well, finally i can say i have found it.
When you open the packaging around your Maldonado lomo you release the distinctive, delicate aroma which evokes emotions that will immediately transport you to sunny days, long nights and memories of happier times. I purchased 1.4 kg for my family of four (with other products), the lomo lasted 6 weeks from start to finish the lomo never lost flavor or taste. The foil backed packaging and layer of grease kept the flavor locked in and maintained the premium products' shelf life.
When i first slice in to this product had to control my self as i felt the urge to eat everything my self. As i slice the lomo thinly it released the naturally liquefied grease/fat (the healthy kind that's good for you) from the matured product releasing more flavor, as you place the first slice on your tongue the lomo has a melt in your mouth sensation that is intoxicating.
I can highly recommend this product and as an authentic, premium quality Spanish product, for me its one of the best tasting lomo's ever produced. If there is any product you purchase this year from Ibergour make it this one you will not be disappointed. The taste is priceless.

August 2, 2010