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Slough, UK

A forced choice

Most Ibergour offerings are now for minimum 2.5Kg quantity, and as a single home user, that's too much to take at one time. This Jabugo was offered at 1.5kg, which is a manageable amount, and is the main reason I ordered it. As Iberico ham goes, it's not bad, but I've definitely had better, and will probably hope to find something else offered in amounts less than 2.5Kg next time.

October 4, 2015
May be the best I've yet had.

Highly satisfactory flavour, with good interleaved streaking of the fat in most slices. Also the slices are not too large.

January 18, 2015
Guijuelo Bellota

It's as good as they say. Recommended. Buy it!
And now I must add another ten words to make up twenty .............

July 29, 2013
An excellent choice

I think my previous orders have been mostly Joselito, which has been very good. But I have found this Extramadura to be even better. I think it is slightly less salty than the Joselito, which both myself and my wife have prefered.

June 17, 2012