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Wales (UK)

Huelva ham

Years ago I was around Huelva a lot because I was going in and out from Portugal and I remember I was perplexed about local ham products.
Energetically Huelva is not the town I like most. I prefer Merida, Siviglia and their countryside offers. Food! Wow, this Cebo Ham is tasty indeed, I find it has a taste of wilderness that is rare, it is not right to try to compare it to Italian products as it gives a completely different taste, an approach to gourmet delicatessen and it is not delicate at all. It jumps in the mouth and I enjoy it. ! When I started to taste this ham I felt I had to find a home made bread (Spelt sour doe is one of the best) wine? red and usually mind goes to Tignanello but the very secret of this product like most Spanish hams is the fat around it. It is essential and not for weak personalities because these people think that fat food is no good for health and heart and other silly symphonies.

December 5, 2013
pure Saffron

If any Italian chef thinks that saffron in Italy is good, it is not as good as from here and there are few details I can underline about it. It is in capsules (one for 2/3 people at the most)
It is strong and taste is as good as ten thousands years ago. Surprised? I have past life memories in Egypt! It is fabulous. In Uk it is impossible to find this saffron even though I tried with Waitrose and some Indian spice shops too. Being Milanese and living in Wales is not easy and that is where Ibergour came in and it did because I was desperate to find Saffron with capital S.
Saffron works with spaghetti and more than ever with risotto rice and seps! I do not even remember if I have found it so good in the old days around Italy.

December 5, 2013
what a fine product

Ibergour is probably the the best W-shop I have come across so far simply because it offer things in UK is hard to find like real saffron that I have missed for such a long time. In any case the 5J Jotas is at the moment the best "ham" I have tasted so far and it is a shame that I can't keep the full leg and slice it myself, in UK dry cellars don't exist and I am forced to choose the vacuum sliced bags. I don't like the plastic either but having no choice I still find the shoulder extremely tasty and convenient to keep safe in fridge in large ...quantity, I have purchased so far 20 or 30 bags of ham so far and the only mistake I made was to buy a few in summer. I recommend this shoulder extensively, it is fantastic and together with an organic red Merlot and a bit of parmesan artichokes and ...I better stop here! It is a fine quick meal by all means and It has a wild original taste as it should be.

September 27, 2013
5j cinco jotas jabugo bellota

Che buono il giambone Cinco Jotas! I love this one.
I better write it in English, I prefer this ham far better than the Italian Parma classic because its taste is wild, is not salty it is incredibly flavoured, it is a feast!
It is fantastic with figs and with Italian sparkling wine. Put it together with home grown salad and Parma cheese few Sardinian artichokes and lunch is done! It is advisable not eat it too often and change with less tasty products to appreciate its flavour. Having bought Guijuelo together in the same order I prefer this one because although strong and full of flavour it has something unique that I can't explain, there are no words rather than say it is the best so far.
I would not buy it again in summer because it suffers heat and although it has been delivered in clever vacuum packages it still suffers summer weather.
Delivery was excellent just a few days from order as received.

August 2, 2013