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Our jamon deals change over time so you may try our different delicacies at the best prices. Great serrano pata negra ham, now cheaper!

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Buarfe Iberico Inox Polythene PE-500 rotary ham holder
Ham stand

Ham Stand Buarfe Iberico Inox PE-500 (Rotary)

Stock: 4 ham holders.
159.90 €
Pata negra
Organic Montefrío DO Jabugo Summum Iberico Bellota Ham
100% Iberico de Bellota
88.68 €/kg

Jamon Montefrío D.O. Jabugo Summum Ham

Not available. We are waiting for new stock to arrive, but we don't yet know when we are going to receive it.
665.12 €7.5 to 8 kg jamones
Joselito Gran Reserva Iberian Ham
84.13 €/kg

Jamon Joselito Gran Reserva Ham

Stock: 7 jamones.
715.07 €8.5 to 9.5 kg jamones
DO Guijuelo Iberico Bellota Ham
75% Iberico de Bellota
55.39 €/kg

Jamon D.O. Guijuelo Ham

Stock: 8 jamones.
360.06 €6.5 to 8.5 kg jamones
Ibéricos GM e Hijos Reserva Artesana Ham
44.49 €/kg

Jamon GM e Hijos Ham

Stock: 4 jamones.
300.34 €6.75 to 7.75 kg jamones
Pata negra
5J Cinco Jotas Iberica Bellota Shoulder
100% Iberico de Bellota
42.61 €/kg

"Paleta" 5J Cinco Jotas (Shoulder Jamon)

Stock: 23 paletillas.
223.69 €5.25 to 6 kg paletillas
DO Guijuelo Iberica Bellota Shoulder
75% Iberico de Bellota
34.98 €/kg

"Paleta" D.O. Guijuelo (Shoulder Jamon)

Stock: 10 paletillas.
166.15 €4.75 to 5.75 kg paletillas
Pata negra
DO Dehesa de Extremadura Iberica Bellota Shoulder
100% Iberico de Bellota
32.10 €/kg

"Paleta" D.O. Dehesa de Extremadura (Shoulder Jamon)

Last 5 jamones
136.42 €4.25 to 5 kg paletillas
Arcos Pocket Vulkanus Sharpener
Sharpeners and sharpening steels

Arcos Pocket Vulkanus Sharpener

Stock: 18 sharpeners.
29.50 €
Reserva 1880 Serrano Ham from Serón
Serrano Huelva
15.75 €/kg

Jamon Selección 1880 Serón Ham

Stock: 7 jamones.
118.13 €7.5 to 8.5 kg jamones

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