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Señorío de Quevedo Manchego Sheep Milk Cheese
35.00% off on Señorío de Quevedo Manchego Sheep Milk Cheese
Señorío de Quevedo Manchego Sheep Milk Cheese

Customers' reviews

Señorío de Quevedo Manchego Sheep Milk Cheese
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5 stars Yummy, January 14, 2015
Cyndi (London) Has purchased this product at IberGour

This is one of my favourite cheese's and the value for money was excellent.
Without doubt I will be buying this cheese from the seller again.

5 stars It's great, but what is it?, December 14, 2011
David L (Killearn) Has purchased this product at IberGour

I have eaten a lot of Manchego cheese, here in Scotland (thank you M&S) as well as in Spain, but this tastes nothing like any of them. The lovely aroma filled the kitchen when I opened it..but the smell was France and the taste was Italy. Blindfolded I would have said good Parmesan, with that dryish crumbly texture and rich slightly fruity flavour. Nothing mild and buttery about this one. My guests loved it and so did I, so I will be back for more.

5 stars excellent always, September 6, 2010
Ray A. (Dublin) Has purchased this product at IberGour

One month ago, having finished my Senorio de Quevedo's previous order, I bought some Manchego cheese (another brand) at a local store in Dublin. As soon as I tasted it I realized that I had become addicted at Senorio de Quevedo, nothingh else will do. The recent order will calm my addiction for a few weeks...

5 stars A true artisan product, August 3, 2010
Thomas Deevy (Dublin, Ireland) Has purchased this product at IberGour

If you were to take a blind taste test with this cheese you will be forgiven for not recognising it as manchego because it is not like any manchego cheese you will have tasted outside of the La Mancha region of Spain. It has a delicious creamy/buttery taste and a hearty goodness you would not normally associated with this cheese. The quality of Spanish cheese like some jamons has become diluted due to mass production, this not the case with Señorío de Quevedo Manchego Cheese; it will stimulate your taste buds in a way you can not imagine; it starts off with a medium to strong aroma yet the taste is medium to light and a delicate creamy buttery after taste that lingers in your mouth long after you've finished eating it. It complements all foods both delicate and light foods such as olives and white wine, to the more robust and stronger flavours such as steak or red wine.
Normally i prefer soft, creamy, cows cheese but this cheese is a good all rounder strong flavours at the start and a light soothing after taste.
A true artisan product which i can highly recommend as a fantastic buy. Its YUMMY.

5 stars splendid, July 21, 2010
Anonymous (dublin) Has purchased this product at IberGour

quevedo is without doubt a succulent, strong, oily, and perfectly enjoyable manchego, ideal for tapas, sandwiches, or to eat with jamon serrano

5 stars Happy mistake, May 24, 2010
Anonymous (Dublin, Ireland) Has purchased this product at IberGour

It was by mistake that I ordered Senorio de Quevedo, instead of another (and more expensive) brand of Manchego cheese. Since then I order no other cheese from Ibergour than this excellent one. Great presentation, perfect consistency, great taste,even the crust is delicious. It reminds me of the Manchego I used to eat when I was a child, well before the commercialization of protected products. Oh, and no carbs!

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