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Cuñas de queso español curado
Cuñas de queso español curado
Cuñas de queso español curado
Iberico bellota GM e Hijos ham

GM e HIJOS Reserva Artesana Ham

6.5 Kg

4.8 stars 4.7/5

486,65 €     389 €

... and we'll also send you these 7 cold cuts FREE:
Assortment of 7 delicious Iberian sausages FREE with each GM e Hijos ham
... along with your choice of the usual FREE gift: ham holder, olive oil, €10 off coupon and Arcos knife. 

Put together a charcuterie board of the highest-quality cold cuts in a flash for the perfect pairing to this fantastic iberico de bellota ham. Surprise family and friends with a delicious brunch or special dinner.

Iberico de bellota lomo embuchado (loin) is the highest-quality cold cut there is. Some even prefer it to ham. It is made from the loins of Iberico pigs raised in pastures by marinating the meat in paprika, garlic, and other spices, smoking it in natural charcoal and wood fireplaces, and slowly curing it in natural curing rooms for at least four months.

Iberico de bellota chorizo (sausage) is another prime Spanish cold cut. It has an intense aroma, a juicy, meaty texture, and a good balance between fat, lean meat, and paprika.

The salchichón ibérico de bellota sausage is soft and juicy. It is made with high quality meat, well chopped and seasoned with various spices, mainly pepper.

The spicy chorizo ibérico de bellota can be consumed directly or added as a complement to other dishes by providing flavor and color. In Spain it is added to chickpeas, beans, fried eggs, pizzas, lentils, snails, etc.

The fuet ibérico de bellota is a typical Catalonian sausage. Unlike salchichón, it is embedded in a narrow gut and therefore has less curing.

Iberian dewlap (neck area) is another essential seasoning in traditional stews. It has a powerful taste and is very aromatic. Finely sliced and then fried or lightly heated, it is an ideal complement to sandwiches and salads.

This sobrassada is made in a similar way as the kind from Majorca but with Iberico de bellota pigs and La Vera paprika. It is usually serviced as an appetizer spread on lightly heated toast. It goes well with figs, almonds, honey, jams, and pickled vegetables.

The approximate weight of each product is between 400 and 650 grams. The approximate value of this gift is €95. Get it FREE with every GM e Hijos Reserva Artesana ham.

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