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Organic Iberico Bellota Pata Negra Shoulder
10.00% off on Organic Iberico Bellota Pata Negra Shoulder
Jamon Organic Bellota Iberico Pata Negra "Paleta" Shoulder Ham 221.13 € 199.02 € paletilla weighing 4.75 kg


5-stars review on Jamon Organic Bellota Iberico Pata Negra "Paleta" Shoulder Ham
5 stars Organico, June 6, 2017
ernestito (in Tintern, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

I decided myself to go with an organic Pata Negra and I have spent my money well.
It is expensive mind but I feel much better with it than previous ones I had bought in the past
Also it is the first time I bought it boneless: a treat.
It is a non stop slicing it every day, just one or two with grissini...(Italian bread sticks) and medium dry sherry!
The ham is nice, very soft with acceptable amount of fat all around (it is important): good news for spaghetti sauce...nothing is wasted! I also find it gives the feeling of something coming out of an old fashioned farmer in a Spanish farm, something special indeed!
I use a Japanese knives: this ham gives immense pleasure to cut in thin slices, it is at the end a ceremony at the table. As I said a bit expensive but it is worth it, also energetically the more I spend the better feelings I have in flavour, vibrations, taste ...this one is a real pleasure and i am glad I do not share it with anybody here in Wales: Greedy Italian client I might be! This was meant to be a corporate gift, never again!

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