Reviews by Figaro Pinto

London, UK

Figaro Pinto
Figaro Pinto
Decent but not hot

Tasty enough, but it's NOT HOT at all. ¡No es piquante!
A nice spreadable texture (though I prefer it less smooth than this). Not particularly rich flavour but not bad either.
We at the whole thing in two days.

November 15, 2013
Does the job

I'm sure there are plenty of better holders and knives out there, but this will definitely do the job.
The wood is stable enough and easy to assemble. It is a *bit* on the small side for the longest hams. One criticism is that the vice at the top does not screw into the wood fully at the top. This is negligible though.
Decent flexible knife, needs a good sharpen though.

November 15, 2013
First purchase; pleased

I'm no expert and this is the first shoulder I've bought for myself but I'm very pleased with it. Nice deep flavour, nutty fat but not particularly salty. The meat is also on the humid side (considering this is a shoulder not a leg). Would recommend to others.

November 15, 2013
A delicious but grassy flavoured oil

This is a very good quality olive oil. The taste and smell is distinctively grassy. It has sufficient depth but is not particularly spicy/peppery (for those who like that), nor is it nutty.
Personally it is not exactly to my taste (I prefer a nuttier, rounder flavour) but it is delicious nonetheless - great for use on salads or as a dressing for small dishes.

November 15, 2013