Reviews by Anonymous

London, UK

poorly made

I have bought your hams for many years and they are delicious. But the stand that you supply with it has become increasingly bad!
- The metal bolt for the cradle is not cut to the right length to allow the cradle to be fully secured with the nut so the ham could fall off.
- The non-slip patches on the base have stained my wooden kitchen worktop which has now been ruined.
If you charge me so much money for the ham I think you can provide me with a decent stand.
thank you

January 17, 2019
ham holder stains my kitchen worktop

The construction of the ham holder is good. The problem with it is that the non-stick pads on the underside stain my kitchen work top. I now have many black circles all over my wooden worktop that I cannot remove.

April 8, 2016
excellent jamon

It is so good I keep coming back for more! Excellent quality jamon and excellent value. It just keeps getting better and better

March 29, 2015
Knife lets it down

The knife no longer holds its sharpness in the way that it used to. It is now of a poorer quality

March 29, 2015