Reviews by Robert


Outstanding Quality

This ham is very tender and full of flavours. Perfect ratio of meet and fat. Last time I ordered Jamon Joselito Gran Reserva Ham but this one taste better for me. My son (13) allows me to order only this one in the future.
And there is an excellent customer care. Miguel reminded me that I ordered in a different way last time. And he was right! I promised him something which I will keep if he contact me he know when. :)

June 29, 2021

Top quality. Quick delivery. This was my first order and I'm satisfied. I have a deboned one cut into 4 pieces. It is easy to slice with my slicer machine. The taste is incredible. If you tasted pata negra before you never forget it. Even bloody virus blocks tarveling I could get a little Andaluzia feeling. I'm gonna order again!

April 8, 2021