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Jamon El Coto de Galan Gran Reserva Bellota Spanish Ham


Excellent ham. But that's not a big surprise, because that's what it was like before.
My congratulations for 12th anniversary of selling ham, and thanks for kind 12% discount also.
Please, subscribe me for a 100% discount for your 100th anniversary.

May 21, 2018
Ottimo,gustosoGreat, tasty

Buona qualità,non è una novità,come il burro,molte persone non conoscono bene il prodotto,io fortunatamente si.sono tra i migliori al mondo secondo me,si dovrebbe consumarne di piu per una buona salute,eccellente.

Good quality, is nothing new, like butter, not many people know the product well, I fortunately. are among the best in the world in my opinion, you should consume more to good health, excellent.

March 27, 2017
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Wolfgang Kröpfl
Wolfgang Kröpfl
Graz, Österreich
Sehr gute Qualität, prompte LieferungVery good quality, prompt delivery

Jederzeit wieder, ausgezeichnete Qualität, prompte Lieferung. Wer Bellota mag, bekommt ihn hier den unvergleichlichen Genuss aus Spanien. Sehr zu empfehlen.

Every time again, excellent quality, prompt delivery. If you like Bellota, here it gets the incomparable pleasure from Spain. Highly recommended.

August 18, 2014
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Jose Bustamante
Jose Bustamante
Berlin, Germany

El jamon ha salido con un balance de sabor y textura espectacular, con un punto de sal perfecto. Sin mucha capa de grasa, betas bien distribuidas... una delicia. Aun no he abierto la contra-maza pero todo indica que no me defraudara. Es el primer Coto de Galan que pruebo completo (pata) y creo que me voy a hacer fiel a la marca.
Respecto al envio, etc. por parte de Ibergour, simplemente perfecto. Da gusto ver negocios on-line que trabajan asi y sin duda alguna sera, para esta marca de jamon u otras, mi punto de compra.

The ham has come out with a great balance of flavor and texture, a perfect point of salt. Without much fat layer, betas well distributed ... delightful. I have not opened the anti-mace but it appears that I will not disappoint. It is the first I try Coto de Galán full (leg) and I think I'm going to do true to the brand. Regarding shipping, etc.. by IberGour, just perfect. It's nice to see on-line business working well and no doubt will, for this brand of ham or other, my point of purchase.

December 12, 2013
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mario pontecorvi
velletri italia
da consigliareto advise

ottimo prosciutto bellota dolce sapido grasso perfetto.
Sempre eccezionale il servizio ibergour per serietà tracciabilità
rapidità di consegna imballaggio.
cliente affezionato. permettetemi un minuscolo neo altrimenti sembro del team.
sempre il coltello in regalo o l'olio cercate di cambiare o applicate un minuscolo sconto

Great bellota ham, sweet, savory, fat perfect. Always exceptional service IberGour for reliability, traceability, speed of delivery, packaging. Loyal customer. Let me otherwise I look like a tiny mole on the team. Always the knife as a gift or try to change the oil or apply a tiny discount.

December 11, 2013
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Dehan Gérald
Dehan Gérald
St Julien en Genevois, France
Très belle surpriseVery nice surprise

Ayant commandé ce jambon, je ne peux que vous le recommander. Il a fait le régal des papilles gustatives de mes 60 invités et des 7 kg, il n'en reste rien! Bon signe non?

Having ordered the ham, I can only recommend it. It is a delight the taste buds of my 60 guests and 7 kg, there is nothing left! Not good sign?

September 4, 2013
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Guillem Mayol
Guillem Mayol
Ariany ( Mallorca ), ESPAÑA

Compré este jamón, y la verdad que lo he provado y me encanta, hace un par de días inveté a unos amigos a cenar y les dí de este jamón, y disfrutaron. Estoy contento por la elección de este jamón y por el trato recibido y además fué bastante rápido con el transporte.

I bought this ham, and I've proven truth and love, a couple of days inveté some friends for dinner and I gave this ham, and enjoyed. I'm happy for this choice of ham and their treatment and was also quite fast with transportation.

December 21, 2012
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Esperanza G.
Sutton, Inglaterra
El mejor que he comprado jamásThe best I have ever purchased

El mejor jamón que he comprado jamás. Un amigo que vino a visitarme y que es un conocedor de jamón me dijo que era el mejor jamón que había probado. Y tuvo que ser en Londres! Todo un cumplido.

The best ham I've ever bought. A friend who came to visit and is a connoisseur of ham told me it was the best ham I had tried. And it had to be in London! A compliment.

June 9, 2009
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Randers, Denmark
Muy ricoVery rich

He probado este jamon en el restaurante Can Ramonet en la Barceloneta, y despues he buscado el internet para un lugar para compralo. Y el sabor es muy rico - tambien despues un transporte a Dinamarca.

I tried this ham at the restaurant in the Barceloneta Can Ramonet, and then I searched the internet for a place to buy it. And the taste is very rich - also after transportation to Denmark.

February 11, 2009
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