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Ham Stand and Jamon Carving Knife

Kingston UK
poorly made

I have bought your hams for many years and they are delicious. But the stand that you supply with it has become increasingly bad!
- The metal bolt for the cradle is not cut to the right length to allow the cradle to be fully secured with the nut so the ham could fall off.
- The non-slip patches on the base have stained my wooden kitchen worktop which has now been ruined.
If you charge me so much money for the ham I think you can provide me with a decent stand.
thank you

January 17, 2019
Sólo para urgencias.Only for emergencies.

Es muy inestable, sobre todo en el segundo y tercer corte. Sin embargo, para una urgencia se puede utilizar. Yo corté una paleta 5J entera.

It is very unstable, especially in the second and third cut. However, for an emergency you can be used. I cut a whole palette 5J.

January 13, 2017
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Ham holder and ham carving knife

This set came at no cost with the ham we ordered and we didn't expect it to be the best in the market but it is so bad I would have rather spared the disappointment. The knife blade is completely blunt and the ham holder's screws are so loose that you can't achieve any stability at all.

January 3, 2012
Coltello e supporto pessimiKnife and bad support

Non vanno per niente bene era meglio farli pagare ma offrire prodotti adeguati il prosciutto e' valido ma difficile da tagliare se non si comprano altri coltelli

Do not go at all well, but it was better to make them pay the ham and offer appropriate products' valid but difficult to cut if you do not buy other knives

November 20, 2011
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muy malo jamonerovery bad ham holder

Según lo monte y al colocar la paletilla, el tornillo de arriba para la sujeción de la paletilla se ha roto. Sobre el cuchillo puedo decir que es aceptable.

As mountain and placing the shoulder, top screw for attaching the shoulder is broken. I can say about the knife is acceptable.

October 27, 2011
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alessandro silvestroni
hong kong/china
non all'altezza del prodotto, sia coltello che supportonot up to the product and knife holder

noi abbiamo acquistato un supporto di livello, indispensabile per ottenre un buon taglio del prosciutto. quello che viene spedito e' estremamente scadente. Meglio dare l'opzione di farlo apgare, ma di qualita' superiore, con peso che possa sostenere il prosciutto, che invece e' di grande livello). anche il coltello e' scadente. Abbiamo ordinato 2/3 Joselito da voi e regalato (o gettato) il "regalo". Credo che chi compra un prodotto di questo livello si aspetti un supporto e/o un coltello adeguato. basta un buon supporto, secondo me. Un buon coltello per il prosciutto c'e' in tutte le case.

We have purchased a support level, which is essential to drop one a good cut of ham. what is shipped and 'extremely poor. Better to give the option to pay for it, but quality 'higher weight that can support the ham, and that instead' of high level). knife and also the 'poor. We ordered 2 / 3 Joselito from you and given (or thrown) the "gift". I think anyone who buys a product at this level expect support and / or a knife properly. just a good support, in my opinion. A good knife for ham there 'in every home.

June 19, 2011
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